Learning from failure at FailCamp Montreal

24 Aug 2011
25 May 2020
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You remember the post I did about celebrating failure? In this post, I was sharing with you how I think we can learn from error or failure we had in our life. I was also talking about, maybe, doing an event where people would be able to share about failure they had and the lesson they got from it. I cannot stop myself for doing it, so I created FailCamp Montreal.What is a FailCamp? Is this an event where we will watch together images of people at Walmart or get the better fail from failblog? Not really! FailCamp is a celebration of failure. It’s about sharing your tales of epic fail and the lessons you learned from them. It’s about learning not to view failure as a defeat, but as a learning opportunity and stepping stone to success. It’s about taking away the fear of failure and learning to take a chance, think big and achieve what you thought you couldn’t.

This first edition will happen on the 21th of September starting at 19h00. It’s totally free, but you have to get your ticket at EventBrite. At this time, we have more than the half of tickets gone, and I didn’t start to make some promotion, so hurry before we go sold out. I already have two speakers confirmed.

It’s a great pleasure for me to have these two guys speak at this event, and I’m sure they’ll have awesome things to share with you. If you believe in learning from your failure, even if you cannot attend, please promote the event in your network. I hope to see you there!

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