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What Would A Healthy Person Do – my physical health journey

3 Sep 2019
9 Oct 2020
3 minutes

Some beliefs you have are limiting your potential. Things that you consider true, that you see as facts can have a negative impact on your life. For me, two strong ones are that I’m not a cook, and I don’t like exercise. Combined together, it is the perfect recipe for an unhealthy life.

In the last three to four years, I’ve been working a lot of my mental health. I see clear results from those efforts, but it’s time for me to add my physical health in this journey. I reached a point where the consequences of my inaction outgrown the pain of taking care of myself. I’ve never been active and I have the worst eating habits once can have. Today, it is changing, and I’m asking all of you to be my accountability buddies!

I am overweight, and I’m lucky, or should I say, unlucky that I look slimmer than I am. Truth is, based on my BMI, I’m severely obese. Writing those words are like a punch in the face. It hurt. It hurt a lot, but it’s the truth. That weight combines with my extreme sedentary life brought a bunch of problems in the last years. I have a very high blood pressure (controlled with medications) for my age. I also have sleep apnea, which could disappear if I was losing weight. It’s been years that I’m sleeping with a CPAP and it’s a pain in the ass. I also have ADHD, general anxiety and I am a good candidate for depressions, since I made one in 2015. I’m also constantly lacking energy, which isn’t surprising seeing how I (don’t) nourish my body. Last week, my blood tests came back with another bad news: I’m pre-diabetic. I guess it’s what I needed to start taking my physical health seriously. Moving more, eating better and losing weight will fix some issues and help in other areas of my life. I need to take actions before it’s too late.

So, I started yesterday, planning the beginning of a new healthier life. For me, it means moving a little more, and way less restaurants. WWAHPD is an acronym I’m using to help me make better choices: What Would A Healthy Person Do? I know you will all have great advice and I thank you for that. I know it’s coming from a place of compassion, but it’s not what I need right now. What I’m looking for is trust, trust that I can do it. I also need people to cheers me up for the time I make better choices. Putting in my face, even as a (not funny) joke, that where I am or what I’m eating doesn’t fit my new journey won’t help. It will have the opposite effect. Keep in mind that it won’t be perfect. I won’t be perfect. It’s a process. It’s 37 years of bad habits I need to change. Slow and constant small improvements are the key to my success! In the end, I’m not just trying to lose weight: I am building lifetime healthy habits.

Every week, I’ll update this article with a small review on how the last seven days went. Every day, I will record a small video sharing about the day, my insights, issues and victories. It will be a way for me to be accountable, find what is working for me and hopefully, to inspire others.

I. Will. Fucking. Do. This!


  1. 2019-09-05 - Reply

    Deciding to be more active and healthy is the first step. Don’t overdo it and you wanting to develop new healthy habits is key. Muscles will be sore… get a foam roller and work out the soreness. You got this!

    • 2019-11-17 - Reply

      @Brandon Hedge

      Thanks Brandon! You are an inspiration to me with your own journey.

  2. 2020-01-08 - Reply

    I love the acronym you chose! I support and trust you with this project.

    • 2020-01-08 - Reply

      @Mère Teresa

      Thanks… Teresa! So far so good…

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