What does the Fred say?

5 Oct 2013
22 May 2020
< 1 minutes

Whatfoxsays-Fred What does the fox say? Yesterday evening, at the Mozilla Summit Party in Brussels (Belgium), Angelina Fabbro, another Technical Evangelist on my team, had this amazing hat (can I call this a hat?!), and I really wanted to try it. I did, and she took a picture of me. I really like it; it will be my new avatar! The web being the web, the “friend” Guy Barrette made a meme with it. So funny, thanks Guy 🙂

P.S.: I really need to find a cool Firefox hat (or something else) related to Firefox, I could wear. You know I don’t like to be like others (I guess it’s part of my extrovert personality), and I have no problem to be the one you notice (or point out to) in the room!

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