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24 Dec 2014
9 Oct 2020
2 minutes

I’ve been using WordPress for more than ten years, and even if it’s a great piece of software, he doesn’t fill my actual needs anymore. I want my time on this site to be focussed on blogging, not updating plugins. I also wanted to simplify my workflow and speed up the process of writing a post and publishing it. I know that my site was slow as hell, and really notice it when I was in other countries this year where the connection is not as fast as what we have in Canada. Because of that, I was probably missing opportunities to get new readers, and was often discouraged of writing as often as I wanted. I tried to fix the slowliness of this site by testing plugins, checking my installation, optimizing the code, moving to the cloud, and more, but without success.

It’s been a while that I’m thinking about moving from WordPress to Jekyll, a static site generator. With the facts in mind that I wanted to optimize my site, make my writing process flawless, and focus my time on writing, I finally made the move. I have a blog post which I’ll publish in the coming days about how to move from WordPress to Jekyll for the one out there who were asking me about the process I used. Right now, the site feels like 1990, as I didn’t start yet to move my actual custom theme from WordPress to Jekyll, but the most important is there: the content. For people reading my blog on RSS, nothing is changed for you. For the one reading this site on your browser, bare with me, focus on the content (after all, it’s why you come here)! I’ll use some free time during holidays to integrate my theme bit by bit. No matter the design, you already have the benefit of my move: it’s blazing fast, and not even comparable to my previous one…

P.S.: The comment section isn’t back yet, and it may not be: more information on this on a future post. Feel free to comment on my different social media presences.

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