The Comedy Nest: laughter guaranteed

24 Jul 2012
22 May 2020
2 minutes

When the new owner of the Comedy Nest told me she wanted to give me tickets to go see a show, I didn’t know what to expect. First, I didn’t know this club, and didn’t really know Anglophone humorists. Let me say that I had a great night!

The Comedy Nest, located on the third floor in the Forum de Montreal, is a comedy club where you go to see some humorists left to themselves with only a microphone. In a cozy atmosphere, you can watch these funny people with a drink in one hand, and a snack in the other. It’s a great ambiance, and even if one comedian is the main contributor of the night, they seem to have other humorists before the main show. The night we went to this 30 year old cabaret was the evening of Kristeen von Hagen, but we also had the pleasure to see David Acer, and two other funny guy. We really had a great night accompanied by many many laughs. I even had a big crush on David Acer: no, not this kind of crush, but I found him so funny (I cried a couple of times during his short performance), that I’ll buy some tickets for his own evening in August.

I really want to explore more places in my own city, as I think we have real treasures that we don’t know. You never know what to expect when you go somewhere new, but it was a big success for me, and I’m really happy to know the Comedy Nest now. For sure, it may depend on the humorists on stage, but I highly suggest you to check the website, and give it a try. Laughter guaranteed!

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