Taking the easy way is for weak people… bullshit!

22 Dec 2011
22 May 2020
2 minutes

Sometimes, in my life, I took the easiest way. You know, the road without too many complications, that will make me successful or let me have what I wanted, easily. In most cases, a more difficult road has been available. The one that asked some sacrifices and that supposedly, is more rewarding… this is bullshit!

Life is already complicated at some point, why should I complicate it more with the difficult path? Don’t get me wrong, if the result is not what I want, I won’t take the easy way for the sake of having it easy. However, at the end, if the result is the same, I don’t see the point of going the hard way when there are no real values in it. For sure, you will maybe learn more by taking this path, but trust me, I have so many opportunities to learn in life, so if I can save time/effort/stress for another time, I’m totally good with this.

In a society that seems to have problem accepting people who succeed with the easy way, in a life where we, for most of us, are jealous of people that have something we don’t have or want, I’m more than happy to have the fastest and easiest way to achieve my goals sometimes. Do you think easy ways are for weak people? Add your thoughts on this topic.

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