Take vacations or change job

8 Jul 2011
22 May 2020
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Last week I was in vacations. I only took one week as I’ll take another one in August and one for Christmas time. I mostly take it easy. The only plan I had was to buy a new car, meet some friends and relax. It was an awesome week as I did what I want without any pressure.

Vacations are really important. For me, it’s been ten years that I’m in the IT industry, and it was my first real vacations. It’s not that I never had one, but I didn’t take some when I was a freelancer, I volunteer in most of them, work in the others, and I don’t count Christmas for real vacations as you always have too many family things. Yes you read correctly. I worked some of my vacations. As far as I enjoyed the job I had at this time, having to work when you are in vacations, for any reasons, good or bad, is very frustrating. As for the volunteer part, I enjoy all the one I did, but even, if it’s mentally relaxing, it was physically exhausting.

Why do I tell you this? Simply, because you need vacations, real one. I’m not talking about visiting Europe or drinking alcohol at a Cuba’s beach. I’m not also talking about having more than the minimal vacations that the government asks to companies. I’m simply talking about taking time for you to do what you want without having to work. Like I said, I really love the job I had and definitely love the one I have now (in fact I don’t feel like working with this one), but I need time to disconnect. You need time to disconnect!

It’s not just important for you, it is also for the company you work for. You’ll be more productive, way more relax, less stress and ready to do awesome stuffs. For those of you that have their own company or are a freelancer, vacations are also very important and trust me, you are able to take some. I know that for a workaholic, it’s hard to disconnect, even more today with the smartphone, laptop and e-mail, but you can do it, I believe in you! Even if you probably work a lot more the week before and the week after your vacations to get back things to normal, the time you pass far from your day-to-day occupation is only positive for you, your body, and as I said, positive for the company you work for.

Personally, I took mine in the worst possible time, our next fiscal year planning, but when I did it, I didn’t know about this planification and my manager at this time, didn’t think about it when he approved these dates. My actual manager had the possibility to ask me to move elsewhere my first vacation week, but he didn’t do this. At the opposite, he told me that I need to take it. He only asked me to be sure that I’ll do my part to don’t leave an additional workload to my coworkers when I won’t be there. For me, it’s was a proof that he really cares about his team, and he granted all my respect for that.

So if your company, your manager or your boss don’t understand this, think to change your job, it’s a lack of respect. Did you take vacations last year? Did you think to take one this summer? Did you have any situations like mine? By the way, have great vacations, take the time to relax and disconnect, even from the Internet!

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