Stop crying in your shower: change is a new opportunity

5 Jul 2011
22 May 2020
2 minutes

Did you see this video? It has been on the Internet for more than two months now, but my manager, Ryan Storgaard, just sent us yesterday. That make me think of the reaction I had two years ago when I found an application that helped non-programmers create their mobile applications by themselves. I think it was for the iPhone, did not quite remember, but it’s not the point of this post.

My first thought at this time, even if it was in an early stage, was “Oh my God, in a couple of years, I’ll lose my job”. To be honest, I wasn’t so worried, but that make me think a little more about my job and the future. It was a change in the industry, not yet there, but that was touching my livelihood. How my job will evolve with this? I remember some of my friends and I, had very good discussions on this.

We had the same interrogations when CMS comes up. What will happen with our job? We’ll have less and less contracts about website development. We were right, but not completely. These applications helped people that didn’t have the skills to code one or to create a website, but it was targeting people with limited needs. What really happens? Our job just changed a little: we were able to offer configurations, customizations and features development that wasn’t available for them. At the same time, we were still able to provide complete website development for people that wanted something really custom that suit theirs needs.

Even if my examples aren’t drastic, my point here, is that we need to take a change like a new opportunity. Don’t go in your bath in a foetus position under the shower with hot water to cry all night long (I love this example…) about things that change without you decide it. You need to face what you can’t change and take it at your advantage. It’s the way I think since a couple of years, and that helped me be happier, less anxious and live my life like nobody else can do it.

Do you already do this? Did you think it’s the way to go? I think so, so please stop cry in your shower and take the opportunity in every change you cannot control in your life! Find the advantage in it, and take it…

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