I’m a shareaholic, so I’m enjoying Yelp

29 Aug 2012
22 May 2020
3 minutes

I like to share with others. It’s why I’m blogging, and why I like social media so much. It’s also why I’m doing my job: I’m sharing my passion about technology.

One of my preferred website in the past, Praized, is now a dead project.  This website gave me the opportunity to review local venues with a social twist. Since the company changed his focus, and closed the site, I never took the time to find alternatives, and I know there are a lot. At the last Social Media Breakfast Montreal, I had the pleasure to meet one of the Yelp community managers in Montreal, Marie-Pier. That was enough to go take a closer look to Yelp as I was happy to see that her company got people in Montreal to help their users. I know that Yelp is there for quite a long time, but even as an early adopter, and a Web lover, I don’t have the time to check every services online. I just fell in love… and created my profile.

Yelp, like Praized was, is a good mix between things that I liked:

  1. Sharing with others: I can share my opinions on venues with the rest of the world;
  2. Finding new venues: even if sometimes I’m conservative, most of the time I like to try new places, so I can check other reviews to find a new cool place to go out for dinner;
  3. A social twist: it’s nice to find reviews from others, but even nicer to see reviews from people you know. It’s a more trustable source, because you know them.

So at the end, Yelp is a website where I go to find new venues, and to share my experience with others. What is also great is that there are not just in Montreal: it’s perfect for me as I’m travelling a lot.

I also need to say that their community managers are just awesome. No, I’m not trying to get any privileges with this statement… There are very active, and very involve in the community. I wrote some reviews for Montreal, Calgary, and Toronto this weekend, and each community manager send me a comment at some point. They are there to help you, and give you great feedbacks. I don’t know for other city, but what I also like is that they are doing many events in Montreal.

So, are you using Yelp? Are you using another website like this? Do you find those websites helpful? Are you a shareaholic like me? Add me on Yelp, and let’s share our little treasures we found!

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