See you at FITC Toronto in April

18 Feb 2014
22 May 2020
2 minutes

I’m a big fan of the FITC conferences in Toronto: there always a lot of good talks, amazing people, and a creative flow all over the place. As far as I know, it’s also the biggest tech conference we have in Canada. Once a Flash conference (Flash In The Can), it’s now open for everything related to developers, designers, creativity, and technology (Future Innovation Technology Creativity). I’m happy to be part of the next FITC event that will happen in Toronto.

It will be my fourth participation at one of the FITC event: I spoke at FITC Toronto, FITC SCREENS, and did a keynote at the FITC HTML5 Spotlight. It’s always a pleasure to meet the attendees, and other speakers. This year, as you can imagine, I’ll share the love of Firefox OS to anyone who is interested in the web. My presentation, Firefox OS fixing the mobile web, will be about using the technology you know, HTML5, to open the door to new markets, and fix the mobile web ecosystem:

The mobile web got a bad reputation. In reality, it’s the platform to bet on if you care about reach, and sustainability of your product. In this talk, Frédéric Harper will show you how you can use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to build amazing mobile applications as to brush up what you previously published. Learn about the open web technologies, including WebAPIs, and tools designed to get you started developing HTML apps for Firefox OS, and the web.

If you plan to attend, now is a good time to buy your tickets as they are at the early bird price: I don’t know how much you save, but who doesn’t like to save some money, and assist to an amazing conference?  With your ticket, you’ll have access to more than 70 talks (you’ll need to do heartbreak decision here) on three days, and you will have a huge opportunity to network with the 1200 attendees they usually have. I don’t come to Toronto as often as before so it will be a good way for me to hang with my fellow Torontonians…

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