No bullshit policy

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You lie
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Many things are happening in my life right now, and I realize it’s the result of me, lying to myself. You know, trying to convince yourself it’s the right decision even if it’s not. Trying to brainwash yourself about a situation or thoughts you have. Simply said, it’s about not being honest with yourself. When you think about it, it’s terrible! Most of the time, it’s because it’s easier to distort the reality: running away from the truth is quite often less painful. It happens to all of us, but as small as those lies may sometimes be, they are rarely inoffensive.

My mantra used to be “do epic shit”. I always strive to do the best, make it art. I think it will always be true, but today, as I’m changing, my mantra need to change. “No bullshit policy” seems to be more than adequate. It means to stop lying to myself, about anything, about everything. It means being honest in every situation like I used to do, like I used to be. It means, not letting anyone bringing me in their own bullshit reality. It means, being myself, again…