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30 Dec 2013
25 May 2020
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I read this kind of posts on many blogs: a recapitulation of the last year of blogging. It’s not something I was doing, but as I was looking at the posts I did during the last year, and I thought it could be a good idea to create a small review of 2013. Last year, I wrote 202 (203 including the one that will go out tomorrow) posts: they aren’t all good, and some of them are what I’m calling quick post (like a tweet – a quote, an image…), but it’s still a lot of posts!

  1. I’m leaving Microsoft, looking for a new opportunity
  2. I’m joining Mozilla
  3. So you want to be an Evangelist?
  4. The startup bullshit
  5. Do you want to become the next Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Canada?

So it seems that in 2013, my most popular posts were about my career: at first, I was sad, as I wrote many posts I’m proud of that didn’t reach these many people, but on second thought, it’s awesome. It’s awesome because it’s what gave me a lot of great offers when I was ready to take my next challenge: I had the luxury to choose what was going to be next, and I’m very happy now at Mozilla.

My five preferred ones (unordered)

It wasn’t easy for me to make this list, but there is no surprise as those are the kind of posts I like the most to write: it’s all about trying to be better, challenging people and have an amazing life. Funny enough, they all have been written during December, and end of November: my style has changed, my writing English has improved, and for me, those are shorter, but more impactful. To end this small list, I’ll add to this my life manifesto v2 as it’s a mantra that drives me day to day, and I was happy to share it with others. I’ll also add another one: how to be a good attendee. As a public speaker, it’s a post I wanted to write for a long time, and certainly one I’ll link to quite often in the future.

Most of the time, the most popular ones aren’t the one you are the more proud of. Blogging for me is a critical part of who I am, my professional career, my role as an Evangelist, and my personal branding. It’s a way to share my opinions, my knowledge, my crazy side, my technical skills, my life coach side, and more. I’m looking forward to blog even more in 2014.

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