I’m joining MeiliSearch as their Director of Developer Relations

11 Nov 2020
27 Apr 2021
2 minutes

Pandemic aside, the last months were a hell of a ride, but it was worth it: I found the perfect role for me! By the end of November, I’ll start a new job at MeiliSearch as their Director of Developer Relations. After years of being an individual contributor, I’m back in a leadership position. It’s also a return to the startup world, in addition to my open source roots. I can’t wait to build our Developer Relations framework and help our community grow.

Search Is Sexy

What if I tell you that you are using search engines every day? Yes, every day. Of course, there are the web search ones like Google or DuckDuckGo, but it’s not all. When you search something on social media like Twitter, there is a search engine behind. When you check out for the closest coffee shop open on a map service, it’s a search engine. When you are looking for a picture of me in a mankini on my site, it’s… OK, you get the point! Search engines are everywhere. It’s probably the feature that is the most used in most websites and web applications. Let’s be honest, search is sexy…

The problem is, they are often ineffective, giving the users a bad experience. The content indexed is not relevant. They aren’t taking in consideration the human factor vs. searched terms. They are slow. Sometimes, websites or web apps don’t even have any search option… It is painful. It’s why the founders created this free and Open Source search engine.

I am so excited about this new challenge. I’m looking forward to building something meaningful for the developers community. So, give a closer look to our product, and let me know what you think!

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