Make Web Not War TV – The importance of security with Philippe Gamache

14 Oct 2013
25 May 2020
< 1 minutes

Philippe_Gamache_and_FredThe last interview I did at the Confoo conference in 2012, but also the last video I did for this unfinished Make Web Not War TV project was with Philippe Gamache

Since Philippe is a security expert, and a former leader of the Montreal chapter of OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project), security was the main driver of this discussion. Philippe highlighted the importance of security in all the process of building software: that means from the design of your project, to the testing phase. I also asked Phil to give us some advice to help us think a lot more about security when building software. Did you know about OWASP? Are you really taking care of security in the creation process of your application? Share your thoughts!

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