Life is too short, make it worthwhile

23 Aug 2013
25 May 2020
3 minutes

Life is too short! We need to experience new stuff, and discover unknown places: in other words, we need to live. It’s been a while that I’m thinking about doing this series of posts, and now is the good time.

Yesterday after our team offsite, at the restaurant, the friend Christian Heilmann told us that he didn’t want to be old, and have no stories to share with others. Like him, I don’t want to get aged, and have just, as the pillars of my life, knowledge about the city I’m living in, only experiences about the same restaurants, knowing only the people close to my network, having a life where everything I did was strictly in my comfort zone. I want to meet unknown people, extend my knowledge to new areas, visit unknown countries, try new food, find brand new activities… So it’s why, I want to commit myself here about new experiences, but I also want you, to be part of my journey. A little like the friend Fabrice Calando did with his excellent “Hack your life” posts series, I want to add stones after stones to what will be my life, and encourage you to do the same by sharing it with you.

It’s something I realize a couple of months ago: I was the kind of guy who were always doing the same activities, was eating the same meat at the restaurant, and never really went away from my beautiful city of Montréal. Since, I tasted unfamiliar food, traveled a lot more, found brand new passions, meet unknown people: in other words, I started to live! Once in a while, I’ll share with you some new things I tried, give you my impression about those, and of course, invite you to go from reading my post, to make your own experience. The idea is quite simple as it can go from just trying a new restaurant, visiting a new country, and going to the museums or doing something a little crazier like sky diving.

Even if you don’t follow this series or my blog, if you already did what I’ll experience, or if you think this is stupid to do this kind of commitments with myself, I’m asking you one thing: live your life with your eyes wide open, and make new experiences. When we’ll be old, we’ll have no regrets, and we’ll have memories to share with the loved ones or to remember in tougher days…

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