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Personal branding, the recording of my presentation

19 Nov 2013
22 May 2020
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Remember the presentation I did on personal branding at Kongossa Web Series? I think it was one of the best presentations I did in my public speaking career, and I was a bit upset that I had a problem with the recording of my session. Actually, it wasn’t that bad as the organizers told me they were recording it, but usually it takes some time, so I still wanted to give an early version on my site: it’s always useful for attendees that missed something, or people who weren’t there. I’m happy that I manage to find a way to edit the video, and fix the problem I got, so here is the recording of my screen, and voice (the quality is OK).

I do not do non-technical talks too often, but this is one of my pet peeves, and one I would like to give more, and more as I really think it’s an important topic in today’s world! Thinking about yourself as a brand can be useful on many levels… Watch this presentation to know more about it…