Firefox OS in Guadalajara, Mexico

20 Nov 2013
22 May 2020
2 minutes
Robert Nyman, myself, and Jorge Humberto Garcia Gonzalez Robert Nyman, myself, and Jorge Humberto Garcia GonzalezP – Click to see full resolution

I usually do a blog post after my presentations, and I totally forgot about the presentation I did in Guadalajara, our Firefox OS workshop in Mexico.

Unfortunately, I had some problem with my computer at that time, so I had to use my colleague’s computer, and wasn’t capable of recording my session. Since we were in a workshop, my primary goal was to help developers be able to build their applications without any problem: my talk was mostly about the Firefox OS Simulator, and the Web developer tools inside of Firefox. I really like to show off those tools to developers, as many people just don’t know about them: there isn’t only FireBug! It is helping me every time I’m creating a Web application, website or helping other developers. If you didn’t have the chance to use them, open Firefox, go to the tools menu, open them, and have fun!

P.S.: Wonder what is the relation between the picture, and this post? It was taken during the dinner with attendees after the workshop. It’s a pitiable, but funny, reproduction of the Evolution, and I thought it would make sense for Firefox OS as for me, it’s the evolution of the mobile web (if there is such a thing like a mobile web).

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