Is your life good?

8 Jun 2014
11 Oct 2020
< 1 minute

Once in a while, I said to myself “Life is good”. It happens without thinking about it, in different situations. I’m quite lucky, and I like my life. I made my luck, but again, I like my life. I’m happy, and it changes everything. Are you happy? Is your life good?

Think about it. If you are not, what are you waiting for? The only person responsible for you being happy or not is, unfortunately, you! So act now, and make it happen. Trust me, if you remove what you don’t like from your day to day life, you will have plenty of space for the amazing stuff. If you do this, you too will have those random thought popping into your head: “life is good”…

P.S.: I just had this “life is good” moment, writing a chapter of my personal branding book, drinking beer from Belgium on a patio in Paris with an amazing sun outside. Your moment can differ (and does not have to be in a foreign country)!

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