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I’m in London in United Kingdom, anything else a tourist should do?

9 Jun 2014
11 Oct 2020
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I usually write those post before going somewhere new, but I did not have the time before. I’ll be there all week, and won’t have the time to visit until the weekend, so it give me time to adjust my tourist plans with your always amazing suggestions.

I already got my sim card, and guess what, Vodafone UK gave me unlimited data for ten pounds: very good deal! I also bought the usual city mug at a local Starbuck, right at the train station, as I took the EuroStar from Paris, where I was previously, directly to London. So except from doing some geocaches, that I’ll probably do during some evenings in the next coming days, I still have a huge list of things I want to do during my weekend (in no particular order):

  • Abey Road: Beatles fan, there is no way I can come to London, and not go to that street;
  • Baker Street: as a fan of Sherlock Holmes, I need to visit that street;
  • Banksy Tour: it’s not an organized tour, but I bought an application to find some of the Bansky’s artwork in London (I’m a fan!);
  • Big Ben: you cannot go in London, and not take the obligatory picture of the clock tower name Big Ben (even if clocks are a bit too often one of the main attraction in different cities I went);
  • Churchill War Rooms: it’s part of the history, and I include this in the museum category;
  • London Cable Car: not so good for someone like me who have the vertigo, but I hear the view of London is fabulous;
  • Royal Observatory Greenwich: if I have time, just for being able to say I was at GMT;
  • Taking the tube: just for the sake of taking the subway with his emblematic logo.
  • Thames house: there is nothing to do there, but as I huge fan of series about the MI5, I need to say I saw the Thames house (even if it’s not the building used in most of the tv series);
  • The London Eye: not something I really want to do, but if I have time, again, it seems that the view is really nice, and it still a iconic London attraction;
  • Tower bridge: I don’t think I’ll do the official tour, but I want to be sure I’ll walk on it, and take some picture of this famous bridge;
  • Westminster Abbey: because I like those kind of architecture, and it’s one of the most iconic abbey;
  • Last, but not the easiest one, finding Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, and as a request from honey, Benedict Cumberbatch.

What is missing on that list is things related to food or drinks: I don’t know if there is any restaurants I should not miss, or any special kind of drink, like specific beer I should taste. I have some friends here, so they will give me good pointers in that direction, but as usual, if you have any ideas let me know. I’m always looking to find some new stuff to do that were not on my list or thing that only locals know. At the same time, maybe there are stuff in my list I should avoid as they are tourists’ trap. First time in London, and quite excited to be here… Thanks for your suggestions, and comments.

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