I’m going to Paris in France, anything else a tourist should do?

13 Feb 2014
4 Jun 2020
3 minutes
Creative Commons: https://j.mp/1iQeTgZ
Creative Commons: https://j.mp/1iQeTgZ

I appreciate all the feedbacks you gave me for previous travel destinations, so I’ll continue to do those posts in the future. It’s not just a way for me to get advices from people living there or who previously travelled at the same destination: it gives me the opportunity to let people know that I’ll be there, and as usual, I’m always happy to meet new friends. Of course, when it comes to popular city like Paris, I would probably be able to stay there a couple of weeks without being able to see everything I would like to see, but, unfortunately, I’ll also take only two days off to visit after my work week.

As usual, first thing I’ll do is to buy a local sim card, so which telecommunication company should I choose? I’m always looking for buying the sim, with no contract obviously, and mostly for data for a couple of days. It’s also nice to have a local phone number so people can easily reach you. Part of my week, I’ll try to find two to three geocaches as it’s always a good way to visit the city, and find new spots: plus, it’s an activity I enjoy. Last, but not least, at every new city, I need to buy a Starbucks mug for honey so it will be part of my itinerary, but no worries, I’ll be in Paris, so I’ll go to local coffee shops. On top of those usual three things I must do everywhere I go, I have a short list for Paris, as I want to take a little more time to wander around. As you can imagine, this is the starting point for probably mostly everybody who go in Paris for the first time:

  • Eiffel Tower: I read that the lineups are incredibly long as it’s very popular, but I can’t go to Paris, and not see the Eiffel Tower;
  • Arc de Triomphe: the second monument I want to see;
  • Louvre Museum: I always try to do at least one museum in every new city. I don’t plan to visit for many hours, but I guess I have to see the small Mona Lisa;
  • Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral: in addition to museum, I always try to visit a church, cathedral or something like this as they have all great architecture, and this one is the famous Notre Dame Cathedral;
  • Moulin Rouge: If I have time, I may try to go for a show, even if it’s probably more expensive than anywhere else, but again, it’s the Moulin Rouge;
  • Galeries Lafayette (French): this one was not on my list originally, but that may be a good place to find some souvenir to buy for my dad who wants something related for every place I visit.

Funny enough, I’ll be able to speak French, but we may not understand each other! One thing missing from my list right now is some nice coffee shops, but also good restaurants. Any suggestion? Anything else I should add to my list? Any tourist places or venues that are not well known, but worth a visit? On top of that, I’ll celebrate my thirty-second anniversary there, as this work week is right during my birthday. I guess there are worst things in life than getting older in France…

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