A better way to showcase my speaking experience

11 Feb 2014
25 May 2020
2 minutes
Creative Commons: https://j.mp/1g31Ok3

One thing I like to do when someone ask me to speak at their event, is to let them know that they can count on an experienced, professional, and authentic speaker. I always had a speaking page on this blog, but the information wasn’t well presented. I decided to do a good cleanup, and finalize the page to give more information to conferences, and user groups organizers, but also to my readers.

Thanks to Lea Verou, and his talks projects on GitHub, it will be easier than ever to list all the talks I’ll do. I listed all the keynotes, presentations, and panels I did since I started to do public speaker about three years ago: it’s interesting to see that I’ll reach one hundred talks in height countries soon! The new speaking experience section make it easier to find the video recordings, slides, post-mortem blog posts of my talk. It also gives you an idea of the countries where I spoke, the talks I’ll do, and more information on those events with a direct link to their sites. You also have access to some testimonial (ahum, bragging) of previous attendees, and access to what I call my speaker kit: a zip file with three different pictures of me, and three versions of my biography in French, and in English (from very small to usual size for conferences).

I still need to play a little more with the CSS on that page as some stuff aren’t aligned as I would like to, but still, I’m very happy with this new page. Since speaking is a big part of what I do for a living (technical talks on topics like Firefox OS), but also what I do on my own time for pleasure (non-technical talks on topics like Personal Branding), I wanted my site to showcase my experience, and of course, get more exposure out of it. If you want to check what to expect from me as a speaker, and how you can book me for a talk, check this post. In the end, it’s all about sharing my passion with others!

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