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Free stickers – show others that you are a lion

30 Aug 2016
9 Oct 2020
2 minutes

As I a mentioned in February, I decided to start my own business and go back to the marvellous world of freelancing with No lion is born king. No need to say that it’s an interesting time, not always easy, but overall, I’m quite happy! I’m also lucky as it’s going well, thanks to my amazing network I’ve built over the last couple of years and, of course, my personal brand.

Talking about branding, I love my company’s brand, and with the help of the talented Sylvain Grand’Maison, I’ve ordered some stickers to show how proud I am to the rest of the world. Since it’s more than just a company’s name, I would like to offer you some of those stickers so you can show others that you are a lion, a fighter, that you worked hard to become the king of your jungle. If you want some (size is 2X2 inches), please send me an email with your complete postal address and I’ll send you some for free. The only thing I’m asking in exchange is that you send me pictures of where you put them!

I can’t wait to see with which other stickers my lion will hang with…

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