Firefox OS at Mobile Startups Toronto, HTML5 Toronto, and online

6 Jan 2014
22 May 2020
2 minutes

A little less than one month ago, I was writing about a presentation on Firefox OS I’ll do at Mobile Startups Toronto in January. It went fast as the event is already in two days…

Since, HTML5 Toronto as join to co-host the event with the nice folks at Mobile Startups Toronto. They’ll also stream the event live for people who can’t assist in person. So if you are free, and in Toronto, come join us this Wednesday at 18:45 at the Mozilla Community Space (366 Adelaide St. W, Suite 500), and don’t forget to register first, either at the Mobile Startups Toronto meetup page or on the HTML5 Toronto one. Whether I’m presenting or wants to watch a presentation, I always prefer to go in-person: the experience is never the same, and the networking part is a huge plus, so I highly encourage you to do the same. For those of you that aren’t in Toronto, or even in Canada, but are still available at that time, you’ll be able to watch the session by joining the live event on the YouTube channel of HTML5 Toronto. Keep in mind that the video will also be available on their channel soon after the event.

Yesterday, Matthew Potter, the mastermind behind the HTML5 Toronto user group, did an #StreamingSunday live interview with me.

Watch this video on YouTube

I hope to see you in Toronto Wednesday evening, but if you can’t join, but would like to meet, let me know.

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