40 Life Tips Before Forty – #14

6 Feb 2022
6 Feb 2022
2 minutes

It is the kind of thing you do not want to wait until you really need to do it, trust me (CW: depression, suicidal thoughts). It shouldn’t be an after thought. It shouldn’t be a shameful topic. We shouldn’t have to sacrifice vacation time or a full paycheck for it. A good mental health is important for a fulfilling life. More than physical health, even if they influence each other. It is the foundation of every other pieces of your existence. Without it, everything else will, without a doubt, crumbles.

Take time for yourself. Disconnect from the internet once in a while. Do things that make you happy and feel better. Avoid toxic people and situations. Find a job that is less stressful. Don’t underestimate the little actions or small life changes you can undertake. Everything toward a better mental health is a wonderful step. Make your mental health a priority: it is critical for your survival! I’m cheering for you…

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