You are boring

15 Aug 2014
22 May 2020
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You were talking with someone, and suddenly that person saw someone else they know, and had to leave you to talk to him or her? Meet someone you recognize, and that person did not recognize you even after you had a long discussion days or weeks ago? You wrote a blog post, and not many people share the content? You are boring. This is the hard truth! It’s not because that person did not meet that acquaintance for a while that she left. It’s not because that person usually meet many people that she did not remember your name. It’s not because your writing was not as good as you think that nobody shared your post… It’s, because, you, are, boring.

We are all: boringness is subjective. Try to be more lively, interesting or exciting next time, you will see that the impact you will have on others will change…

…Is this post boring? We’ll see…