You are an influencer

24 Jan 2014
22 May 2020
2 minutes
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Yesterday, I was part of a panel on communication, and connection. At one point, we discussed about connecting with the right person, and we talk about influential people. The first thought of mostly everybody in the room was about those people who are well connected, who are kind-of famous, and get a lot of traction on mostly everything they do. On my side, I was talking about everybody…

Yes, you are an influencer. I’m not talking about people with a lot of Twitter followers, many Facebook friends, plentiful of LinkedIn connection, countless YouTube subscribers or public ones. I’m talking about you, with your connections, and with the people who trust you: you are a trust agent. You may not have the same reach as those huge influencers, but you are still one. Think about the last movie you recommend to your friend: he probably went to the movie theater to see it. Maybe it’s about the restaurant you liked so much, that your brother in law wanted to try it too. The common point with those two situations: you influence those people. For them, you are, an influencer.

We forget too often that influence isn’t just about the reach. So every time you speak to someone, write a blog post, send an email… think about the fact that you too, are an influencer.

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