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10 Apr 2019
9 Oct 2020
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Welcome to my new site, I’m really excited about this domain name and the way the theme is coming along. As I mentioned in my goodbye article on my last home on the web since 2011 (blogging since 2005), Out of Comfort Zone, I needed some change. I miss blogging a lot and this is my way to come back after being mostly absent on my personal blog for the last two years…

Don’t worry, the content type or my style won’t change. I keep the technical article for my blog’s employer (when I have one), so this one is all about high-level topics like developer relations, and most importantly, any other personal ideas or point of view I want to share with the rest of the world. Keep in mind that it’s my site, my way of expressing myself whether people love it or not, I do it for me first! I still believe in the power of blogging, and even more, especially these days, about the fact that we don’t own most of the content we create online, and that owning my own shit is the way to go!

So, as always, welcome home my friends…

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