User groups: learn, meet and share

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Please note that this blog post talk about Make Web Not War website, not Out of Comfort Zone.

I often talk about new meetup on some user groups, like HTML5mtl. Since I’m in the IT industry, user groups have always been for me an awesome place to be. It’s a great way to learn from other for free or a low fee. It’s also one of the best moments to meet other developers, and share our love around a specific technology or methodology.

Make Web Not War isn’t a user group, but it certainly a community of passionate people that like technology. As we cannot cover everything that happens in Canada, we try our best to share with you the awesome next events or meetup that will occur in your city. Because this blog is there for you, if you are an user group’s organizer, I would like to help you share your events. If you have a meetup that you want to share with other developers in community, send me an e-mail at with a blog post making the promotion of it. I will be more than happy to post it online and share it on our other online channels like our Twitter account and Facebook page. It will be a great way for you to reach more people and find new user.

It’s not the only thing I would like to do for you. I will start a list of user groups in Canada for developers. I know some of them, but for sure, not all. If you want your user group to be listed in this page, send me an e-mail with these details: user group name, city, website, technology the user group cover, Twitter account (if you have one) and Facebook’s page (if you have one). It will be a great resource for developers who want to find a user group near home and visibility opportunity for you.

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