Trace a line between the web, and your private life

8 Jan 2014
22 May 2020
2 minutes
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People often tell me that I share a lot of things on the Web: it’s true. As weird as it seems to some people, I traced a line between my private life, and what I’m sharing online.

It’s important in today’s world to trace a line between your personal life, and the web itself. With services like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, and more, it has never been so easy to share every little moment of your life with friends, family, but also with strangers. I won’t talk about the privacy rights (or not) on these websites as I’m not an expert on this topic, but the truth is that mostly everything you put on the web, will probably live there forever (kind of), and someone, somewhere, will have access to it. Don’t get me wrong, I like the web, but I used to tell people that if you want something to stay private, just don’t put it on the web (even if you carefully set the privacy settings, and targeted who will see what you want to share).

My rule is quite simple as there are few things I don’t want to share online: I don’t want people to know where I’m living (neighborhood is ok), and I don’t want people to have my phone number (I hate this way of communicating, too intrusive for me). This is my line between privacy, and the web… what is yours?

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