Tips and tricks for people

10 Apr 2012
14 Oct 2020
2 minutes

Since a couple of days, I saw so many things people do that doesn’t make sense, or just common sense behavior that doesn’t seem to be so common sense for everybody. OK, it’s not true, it’s been a while, that sometimes, people discourage me, but it’s been only a couple of days that I’m thinking about starting a series of blog post named “tips and tricks for people”.

The goal is simple, 1-2 simple sentences telling someone how they can do thing better I’m my opinion. I don’t have the omniscient, and it’s not an “I’m superior to you, so I’ll tell you how you can manage your life” thing, but most of them will make sense… at least for me.

Let’s see how long I’ll have fun doing this, but I already have a couple ones in head that I’ll add to this blog in the next days. So I’ll do one right after this post to start the machine! These will help me ventilate, when needed, and I hope, will get you some laugh or something like “This is so true!” feeling…

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