The magic happens out of your comfort zone

29 Nov 2013
22 May 2020
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Someone asked me recently why I named my blog “Out of Comfort Zone”, and that make me realize that I never wrote a post to explain it: I wanted this post to be one of the first of this blog, but after nearly two years, it may be time to explain it.

Of course, everybody understands what the name of this blog means, but the question is mostly about the why. At the end, it’s not a blog about a personal life guru helping you to go out of your comfort zone: of course, this is one of the things I like to do, but it’s not the main goal of this blog. Actually, to be totally clear, this blog is all about me: not like a fan site of course, but this is a forum I have, to talk, and share about ANYTHING I want to. Sometimes technical topics, sometimes promotion for events where I’ll speak, sometimes more personal stories about my life, sometimes a way to share my presentations, sometimes humoristic images… So, why out of comfort zone? It’s simply a tribute to what I realized a couple of years ago: nothing will happen if you don’t go out of your comfort zone.

If you want things to change, if you want to be happier…  you need to go out of your comfort zone, this is where the magic happens! I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t about going out of my comfort zone: writing this blog post at a coffee shop in Athens, being so happy about my personal, and professional life. You may be afraid. You may fail, but you’ll always recover, learn from it, and continue your journey. So at the end, this blog is a tribute to this lifestyle, to my lifestyle: constantly pushing the boundaries…

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