The Future of work project: my interview

16 Oct 2014
12 Oct 2020
< 1 minutes

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by Mathieu Laferrière to answer a couple of questions about the future of work. He was conducting interviews for the future of work project of Bill Jensen. In this nine minutes video, I answered those questions:

  1. What choices have made you… you?
  2. The toughest challenges facing all leaders in leading other into the future [of work]?
  3. How can we help those leaders make those tough choices?
  4. Your biggest lessons learned?

I’m having a blast for the last couple of years: working at home, no schedule, doing something I like. I’ve never been so productive, and I hope this small interview will help employers to understand the benefits of being more open. I also hope that it will help you, find the thing you like to do for a living, and be happy when you wake up on Monday morning…

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