Some people are toxic, run while you can!

7 Oct 2014
9 Oct 2020
2 minutes

There are people that I defined as toxic. They are the one who are often sad because, as they say; the world is against them. They are the one who get mad at the first occasion. They are the one who will never be happy, and will always complain about anything and everything. They are the one who will stab you in the back when you did not deserve it. They are two faced: in front of you, they will be your best friend, but once you are not there… They are the one who think their reality, should be everyone’s reality. They are the one who will see conspiracies against them everywhere. They are the one you need to avoid at any price. I did not meet a lot of them in my life (three to be exact), but they are there: they exist!

Don’t be fooled! They have a lot of charisma. They often have a lot of power, and influence. They are friendly, very friendly. Unfortunately, they are good manipulator, and like any good one, it will be too late when you will find they were wearing a mask. They will drown you, no matter how strong you are. It’s not easy to recognize them: if it was, they wouldn’t be as successful to make other’s life miserable. So look around you. They may be in your family, in your circle of friends, and more often than not, they may be a work colleague. Watch them. See how they behave. Find if their entourage is negatively affected by them, and run. Run while you can, and get away. Get away from those toxic people!