Show me your book

18 Jul 2011
22 May 2020
2 minutes

I’m the kind of guy who buys a book, start reading it, do something else, buy a new book, start to read it and so on. I have a couple of books unfinished or not even started with a couple more in my wish list. I enjoy reading and I want to read more, so I was thinking about doing something related to this blog, something calls “Show me your book”.

The principle is simple. I’ll try to read one book per month, that give me something like ten pages per day, a lot more than I used to read. After the book is finished, I’ll write a blog post to share with you. Nothing complicated, just a text that will give you the big picture and my appreciation. I own a Kobo (thinking of buying the new one, the Kobo Touch), so it’s not a big deal to always have the book I’m reading with me. I don’t really read story books (except for some of my friends’ books or comics books like The Walking Dead) as I prefer the one that talks about topics like success, efficiency in the professional life, a better way of living, social media…

You want to read more? You are the kind of people that love reading books like Trust Agents, Getting Things Done or Tribes? Would you like to join me in this experience? It’s gonna be a good way for us to share nice books to read. It’s simple, just share with me your blog post about the last awesome book you read. Ready, set, read!

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