Responsive Web Design at FITC SCREENS

30 Sep 2012
22 May 2020
2 minutes
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This week I was at FITC SCREENS with my colleague Paul Laberge to talk about HTML5, Windows 8, and Windows Phone. It was my first time at SCREENS, but not my first FITC event, and I must say that the team is always doing an awesome job to bring the tech community together with their amazing events.

As usual I didn’t have the time to go see any sessions, but I had the pleasure to talk to many attendees as we had a booth with cool Windows Phone, and Windows 8 devices (actually those were Windows 7 devices with Windows 8 on them). I also had the opportunity to speak about one of my favorite topics, Responsive Web Design. I know, I already did this presentation a couple of times now, but I still have requests for, and people seem to really like it. With the feedbacks I’ve got, I decided to do it again at SCREENS, even if it was basically the same (I updated my slides with new content) that I did at FITC Toronto in April this year.

As usual, a list of resources from my presentation:

I hope you enjoyed my presentation. Feel free to send me your comments, questions or… insults! Oh, and if you make one of your project or site responsive, please let me know as I’m always looking for nice examples!

P.S.: Why do I always look weird when someone takes a picture of me presenting? Do I always look like this when I’m presenting?

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