Public speaking at Social Media Breakfast Montréal

23 Oct 2013
22 May 2020
2 minutes
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This morning, I had the pleasure to speak at Social Media Breakfast Montréal about… public speaking. I did a thirty minutes talk about my own story, why people should start to do public speaking, how they can start, and obviously, where they can do their first public appearance. As you can see in this short video interview I did with Jeff Taylor last week to introduce the topic, my goal was to share my passion about presenting, but also helping people to understand all the great opportunity that come with public speaking.

As usual, here are the slides for the attendees as it won’t really help you to understand my presentation if you were not there: they are visual support for the pleasure of the attendees.

I tried a new recording tool that time, so I was more lucky with the recording of my session (with a stupid cursor in the video – don’t know why, probably the recording software as I have none on the screen!). I didn’t have a mike connected to my laptop, so the audio is ok: good enough to listen to it without a headache, or maybe to find something you forgot if you attended the event. I promised I’ll take the time soon to find a decent wireless mike I can use in conferences (something small as sometimes I also have to use the mike of the conference). Here is the recorded video.

I hope that people get out of this session as excited as I am about public speaking. Try it yourself, and you’ll see if it’s something for you. Go out of your comfort zone: the hardest part is the first one you’ll give! Let me know if you want any advices: I’m there to help, with respect to my agenda, as I want more of us on stage…

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