Out of Comfort Zone gets a makeover

7 May 2012
22 May 2020
2 minutes

It’s been a while that I’m talking about the design of this blog. Five months ago, I was looking for a designer to create a personal design for this blog. As I’m back to the blog as my primary home on the Web, and that I closed all other blogs to focus on this one, this website is really important for me: this is why I invested time, and money in it.

This is with real excitement that I’m putting online the new theme of Out of Comfort Zone. As you can see, this design represents me well: colorful and expressive! It’s a combination of work from two Montreal company: TP1 for the design, and Kindo Communication for the integration of the mock-up. I asked TP1 to have a design that would be like me, and also by giving them some keywords like simplicity, clean and typography. The two things that Kindo Communication had to keep in mind were Web standard and responsive design.

As I’m blogging for myself first, the only customer I had in mind for this design was me, and I’m so happy with the result. I hope you’ll enjoy browsing on my site as much as I like it now! For sure, I have to update the content of some of my pages, and I’ll probably have to tweak some part of the UI, but I wasn’t able to wait anymore to put it online.

For me, this is a new start of my passion about blogging…

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