Now is the perfect moment

23 Mar 2013
22 May 2020
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Don’t wait for the perfect idea. Don’t wait for a better moment. Don’t wait at all! Now is the perfect moment. The perfect moment to do what you have to do. The perfect moment to create what you want to create. The perfect moment to achieve to goal you want to achieve. Do it now!

Since I’ve been in the IT industry, I got many software ideas, softwares that I would be able to build, and probably make money out of it. The problem is that I waited: I was waiting for the moment I’ll have more time or when I’ll have all the details of my idea. The problem with this, is that during the time you wait, someone else is having the same idea as you, and is building it! The result, most of those ideas has been built by someone else… Too late for me.

I was going to write a blog post just about product idea, but I thought it would be valuable for mostly anything, not just software development. Think about it! You want to lose some weight? Your plan is to start next Monday as it will be a better time to start? Why not starting to eat better now? Why Monday would be a better time to start to go to the gym? Because it’s the beginning of the week? Bullshit! If you don’t do it now, and you really can, this is just procrastination, and it may never happen. Most of the time, the real blocker, the real reason for you not starting to do something you want to do, is you.

I’m the king of procrastination, and it’s a pain in my life. Starting now, now will be the perfect moment to do what I have to do! What about you? Do you have those kind of moments in your life? Are you procrastinating? Share your thoughts!

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