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My life manifesto v3

21 Mar 2014
14 Oct 2020
2 minutes

In 2011, I created my life manifesto: it was a way for me to synthesize my thinking about life, and give me some guidance on how to live a happy one. In the end, we only have a limited number of hours in our entire life, so we should make those worthwhile!

Last year, I simplified my life manifesto to focus on fewer points, but also to give it a positive approach. After a lot of thought on the topic, I decided to simplify a lot more my life manifesto so it could become nearly a mantra. Why? It’s easier to walk on a straight line if you only have one end goal. This one rule also include everything else, and is the foundation of the previous version of my manifesto. Those of you that know me won’t be surprise of the end result:

do epic shit

That’s it; my life manifesto is now a sentence (more a mantra now), a call to action created with three small words. Sorry if you were tired of these three impactful words, but it’s only the beginning… Let me clarify why it’s based on the previous versions. Personally, I think that you need to be authentic to do epic shit. You can’t do epic shit if you live day to day with regrets. You’ll definitely need to go out of your comfort zone to create good things, and live amazing experiences. It’s also a crystal clear call to action: do something, do something you love, and do it now.

Doing epic shit is still a large statement. It means a lot of things depending on how you think about it. Combined with my three words each year, those will be a powerful combination that will help me be happy in every part of my life! In the end, when I’ll be on my deathbed, I want to be able to say that my life was full of epic shit!

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