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Say hi to the new Director of Developer Relations at Mindee

23 Aug 2021
23 Aug 2021
2 minutes
I can’t believe I was able to keep my mouth shut for that long, but here it is, the announcement of my new adventure! I’m joining Mindee (pronounce “mind-dee”) as their first Director of Developer Relations. I’m really excited to join this young, but quite impressive company. I’m looking forward to help the company continue their successful growth. This is a remote-first company with people around the world: the head office being in Paris. No plan to move for now, so I’ll work from my beloved Montréal. Lastly, we were part of Y Combinator in the 2021 Winter cohort.
The product of the same name, is a mix of research, algorithm, model training and testing that culminate in easy to use but complete APIs. It can help any companies process and extract text-based data from documents. It’s true that processing receipts or invoices aren’t that exciting, but it’s why we make it easier for you to do so. I also see a lot more potential for developers with our technology. The machine learning and computer vision techniques our scientists and developers put together can do much much more! The technology behind is what motivated me to discuss with them when they approached me. I’m happy I did!
Since it’s my first day, I already have a lot on my plate, but in the meantime, give Mindee a closer look:
  • try our free tier which is more than enough for many use cases (oh, and we don’t ask your credit card because we are not evil);
  • read the documentation to understand a bit more what we do and how we can help you being successful;
  • check our GitHub org and play with our SDKs (JavaScript, Node.js, React & Python). Note that Python & Node will be updated soon with the latest release of Mindee. We even have an open source OCR (Optical Character Recognition) app available;
  • add us on Twitter.
Soon, we’ll have a Slack/Discord community you’ll be able to join to ask questions and discuss with us and others. Until then, feel free to send me suggestions, comments or insults directly by email or on Twitter.

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