Make Web Not War TV – Open Data with Stéphane Guidoin

26 Aug 2013
25 May 2020
2 minutes

Let’s start this week with another interview I did for the project that I never had the time to finish at Microsoft, the Make Web Not War TV. This time, I did a couple of interviews at Confoo last year, and one of them was with Stéphane Guidoin. Stéphane is a well-known activist around Open Data in Montréal, and in Québec so obviously, we mainly talked about Open Data. We discussed about what Open Data is, what it means for us, Open North, Montréal Ouvert, Québec Ouvert (in French), and how to create a project or a product by using freely available data from governments, cities, and even private enterprises.

Personally, I’m a big fan of Open Data (in French), but those organizations really need our help to make it better. I worked closely with Open Data project with Make Web Not War, and let me tell you that it’s not easy as the main problem actually is the quality, and availability of the data feeds. Did you know about Open Data? Did you work on an Open Data project? Do you think it’s valuable to have those open data feeds? Share your thoughts.

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