Make Web Not War Communities Night in Vancouver

4 Feb 2012
22 May 2020
2 minutes
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As you saw in this blog (Make Web Not War one), last December, we did a Make Web Not War Communities Night in Toronto. It was a real success: we had awesome presenters, delicious foods and passionate discussions with people from the industry.

We are actually in the planning process of the next one, that will be held in Vancouver. To be sure we will have the best experience for a community night, we wanted to ask you to share your thoughts. Make Web Not War Communities Nights are basically the same as the Make Web Not War Conference, but happen more often and is during an evening instead of a full day. We ask the best speakers in the place to present about a technical topic. In a formula of TED Talk, they have 15 minutes to show something awesome to you, about any technology, not just Microsoft one. With this in the head, is there any speaker you would like to see at this event or any technology we really need to find a speaker for?

Because it’s a casual night, we really want you to come to an amazing venue. We are not looking for a typical conference room, but for a funky cool place that can handle around 100 people. If you know the venue we need to use, let us know as soon as possible as we will finish the planning soon.We are so excited to prepare this awesome evening for Vancouver communities. Don’t worry, you’ll have more details soon on the venue, the date and the schedule. See you at the next MWNW event!

This blog post also appears in the Make Web Not War blog

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