Make the process frictionless

19 Dec 2013
22 May 2020
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With everything is life, if you want people to do something, make the process frictionless as much as possible. It’s good for selling a product, getting people to use your platform, having your friends helping you moving to a new apartment, even to get people to read your blog. If it’s not easy, if there are problems on the road, or the level of entry is too high, you will lose people in the run.

Are you building a software, working on a JavaScript library, creating a user group, writing a book, organizing an event, opening a store, selling your product? Whatever you are trying to do, if you need participation, if you need users, if you need to build a tribe, try to remove all the frictions from the process. In today’s world, the attention span is very low: if it takes too much time, sorry, you lose. There are also many alternatives to services, applications, stores or restaurants: if it’s not working or too complicated, there is certainly another way or places to go to achieve the same goal. There are only two exceptions: if your product (replace product with anything else) is unique, or if the person is really loyal to you or your brand. Even in those cases, the basement is fragile! Your product may not be as unique as you think or won’t be unique for a long time. Even the loyalty has his limits. At the end, it’s a story about giving a good experience, and lower the barrier to entry.

Whatever you are trying to achieve, if you want to make it  a success, one crucial ingredient is to make the process frictionless. You won’t build a tribe if there are too many obstacles from the beginning to the expected result…

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