Maimouna Youssef, the girl of a gypsy woman

22 Mar 2012
22 May 2020
2 minutes

One of my passion is music. Not as a player, but as someone who enjoy listening to it, discovering new artists and dream to the sound of a beautiful voice or an astonish beat. Last week, I saw a tweet from Stéphane Poirier asking if someone wants to go to the Montreal launch of Maimouna Youssef CD “The Blooming“. I had nothing planned, so why not go out with Émilie and discover a new singer (thanks for the invitation Stéphane).

So yesterday, I went to the Café Bar Verre Bouteille to listen at Maimouna. I need to say that it was my first time at Verre Bouteille and I enjoyed the venue: great beers and good little snack to eat. A perfect place for the kind of evening we had. Maybe one hour after we sit down to have a good view and drink a good beverage on this beautiful hot day, the artist goes up on stage. She was colorful, energic with a gypsy touch like she said during the show.

This artist really surprised me. I need to admit that I barely listen to the music on her site before the event and I discovered a girl with a fascinating voice. Her songs, sometimes energic, sometimes bewitching, sometimes with lyrics you can’t hum, were a mix of different styles always sing with a lot of passion. I must say that I bought the CD before the show, as I’m a compulsive music CD buyer, but I didn’t regret my investment.

Even if you are not a soul or r&b lover, you’d like Maimouna voice. I hope we’ll see her again in Montreal soon. To give you a preview of her album, I leave you on a video she did for one of the song named “I got a man”… have a good listening.

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