Looking for a front end web developer/integrator in Montreal?

2 minutes

Are you a company in Montreal or anywhere else, looking for a remote front end web developer or integrator? My friend, Debbie Rouleau, is looking for a new opportunity!

I know Debbie for a while, and even if I never had a chance to work on web projects with her, I know she is a serious worker: she get shit done! It’s not just about sending flowers to a friend: I saw her in action when she was my director of activities in the GeekFest Montreal. She is organized, and she is at a point in her life where she need a new challenge, and I can only respect that: been there, done that. You can find more information on her experience on her LinkedIn profile.

So if you are looking for a good employee who will do the extra mile to deliver quality results, and has a good expertise with web technologies, contact her as soon as possible. I doubt she will stay free agent for too long…