Kobo Town, Jumbie in the Jukebox… a festive music

15 Apr 2013
22 May 2020
2 minutes

Once in a while, music companies send me albums or show tickets as they know that I’m a big fan of music. Even if I have no obligation, every time a company gives me something, I try to do a blog post to give my own personal opinion, whether it’s positive or not: at the end, they give me something for free, so why not take the time to share with others.

Even if I’m not a professional music critic, I thought it would be nice to share the one eOne Music Canada sent me. First, when it comes to music, I like many styles, and I’m always open to find new artists or groups. Actually, it’s a great moment to buy a new album of an artist you like, and it’s mostly certain that this will give you some good listening time, but finding something new is an amazing experience (when it’s music you enjoy, of course). It’s exactly what happened with the album of Kobo Town, Jumbie in the Jukebox, that will be out on April 23.

The festive beat of Kobo Town took me right in the summer time: we had snow in Montreal in mid-April, so it was the perfect timing. Jumbie in the Jukebox is, for me, a great mix between Caribbean, Jamaican, and acoustic that give a unique sound to the Toronto’s group, and their second album.  As with everything, the first impression is very important, and it’s the case when I’m listening to a new album. It’s not easy to find an album that is mostly good, and it’s even rare for an album you like from the first song… to the last one. Usually, I’m lucky if I like half of it. Jumbie in the jukebox was better than I was expecting: from the exception of 2-3 songs on 12, I really enjoyed my first listen of the album.

I never know what to write about music albums, so put your sandals, go to the beach, ask for a good sangria, put some Kobo Town in the speaker, dance, and enjoy the moment.

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