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I’m moving to San Francisco and joining Uber as their first Developer Advocate

10 Sep 2018
9 Oct 2020
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As I’m writing these lines, I can’t think of anything else than this blog: out of comfort zone. Unfortunately, Fitbit wasn’t a good fit for me (pun intended), but I had the chance to work with so many brilliant people there. Joining Uber as a Senior Developer Advocate is a great challenge and an astonishing opportunity at many levels. I’m going back to my initial love, Open Source, while doing a job I’m passionate about: I’m a lucky man, what a great mix. As for the bold move, it’s the first time I’m moving to a new country.


I’ve been a customer since they launched in San Francisco a couple of years ago and happily using the service anywhere in the world. I firmly believe in the sharing economy and what people may not know is that technology is at the core of Uber. What I did not know is that Uber is into Open Source and wants to strengthen and expand OSS culture inside and outside of the organization. Can you see my name written on the job description, because I do.

San Francisco

I’ve had opportunities to move in the past, but the timing wasn’t there, so today is the day. San Francisco is the city I’ve traveled the most outside of Canada and I’ve always been charmed by it. I like the culture, the weather (so tired of Canadian’s winter), the people and more. I made local friends over the years and as someone working in tech, it’s the place to be.

I see this as a possibility to move toward multiple aspects of my personal and professional goals. Friends from Montréal, things will go fast and will be crazy as I’m moving in about a month (yes, you read well). Be assured that I’ll organize a gathering to celebrate this new adventure with you and that I’ll be back from time to time to annoy you!

No need to say that I’m super excited about this new journey!

  1. 2018-09-10 - Reply

    Good for you although I am a bit sad. I really love my Fitbit and was happy that you could contribute to its continuous improvements. With SF hills, that should help your fitness level.

    • 2018-09-10 - Reply

      @Marc Poulin

      Thanks Marc, but don’t worry, plenty of great people work at Fitbit!

  2. 2018-09-15 - Reply

    Congrats Fred, that sounds like an awesome opportunity!!!

    • 2018-09-15 - Reply


      Thanks Blaise!

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