I’m a mo-bro this year – Support the fight against prostate cancer

2 Nov 2011
22 May 2020
2 minutes

I’m always thinking about how I can help other in different ways. Until now, the last teen years were about volunteer with children. Since my lifestyle as I changed, I cannot commit anymore regularly, but I think Movember is a good way for myself to help an awesome cause.

What is Movember?

Movember is an event that happens once in a year and helps getting some funds for the prostate cancer. During all the month of November, men from around the world make their moustache grow to raise money for this cause. I really think that it’s a good way for us to raise money, by doing something fun. I saw a couple of friends last year with this ugly moustache and that make me think that it’s something I can help with.

Even if we usually do something four ourselves, or because it was something that happened to someone who loves, I’m not aware of any prostate cancer in my family or with my friends. I’m really glad to be lucky like this, but as I’m getting older with my bad life habits on sports and food, I’m seeing a lot more the importance of being healthy.

How can you help Movember?

You can help Movember in three ways:

  1. Be a Mo-Bro, grow your moustache and raise some money for this cause;
  2. Make a donation on my Movember profile.
  3. Help me promote my participation to your contact or in any social media. Here is a status update example: Support prostate cancer by making a donation to @fharper for #Movember https://oocz.net/9

To make it a real challenge and be able to get a lot of money for the research, I’ll add one extra at the fact that is already rewarding to give for a good cause. If I get 2000$ and more in donations before the end of the month, I will make a video with my moustache that will be an imitation of the see my vest song from Mr. Burn.

By the name of all the people who had prostate cancer, thanks for your support.