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I’ll speak at PragueJS, in Prague, Czech Republic

14 Mar 2014
14 Oct 2020
2 minutes

On the evening of the 27th of March, I’ll be in Prague, Czech Republic to speak at their local JavaScript user group. Lately, my speaking gigs had the same goal: introduce people to Firefox OS. It’s less about getting people to know the product as my goal is to present them an alternative to the actual mobile duopoly. Even more important, I want to show them how they can reach a new audience with the web application they already have. Here is the abstract on my talk “Empower mobile web developers with JavaScript & WebAPI”:

HTML5 is a giant step in the right direction: it gives a lot more tools that developers need to create better experiences for users. The problem? It’s not there yet when it comes to web development for mobile devices. In this talk, Frédéric Harper will show you how you can use HTML, and JavaScript to build amazing mobile applications, and brush up what you published before. You’ll learn about the open web technologies, including WebAPIs, and tools designed to get you started developing HTML apps for Firefox OS, and the web.

So if you are in Prague, and have an interest in web development, please join me for PragueJS (the event start at 19:00) on March 27th at Node5.

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