I don’t care about my health, or do I?

4 Feb 2014
22 May 2020
3 minutes
Creative Commons: https://j.mp/1bniw8U
Creative Commons: https://j.mp/1bniw8U

I’ve never been a very active person, but it wasn’t a problem, until a couple of years ago. Getting older, not being active with bad eating habits, and working at home started to hit me a bit harder: I have begun to get fatter, and got some health problems. I never really care about my health… until then.

Since my non healthy behavior caught me, I started to think a little more about it. For me, it’s one of the hardest things to do as I need to change two deep anchored habits in my life: going from sedentary to active, and changing my eating pattern. I’m not quite where I would like to be in terms of life changing routine, but it’s far better than it was before. Last year, I lost about 22 pounds, that I’ll never get back again: they are gone forever! Furthermore, I went from three pills to lower my high blood pressure (yes.. three) to one. I’m still way too fat, not eating as well as I should, still having one high blood pressure pill, not going to the gym as often as I should, and still having to use a CPAP for my sleep apnea. Unfortunately, I may do sleep apnea for the rest of my life as it may not be related to my weight, but the rest can all be change based on my will…

My body is sending me signals, and I need to listen to them. I don’t think I’m that bad, but still: if I want to live a longer life, and have some good old days in shape, I need to start now to live healthier! I would be able to compare myself to others as I’m not that fat, and way more in shape than many people I know, but still, it’s not about the others: it’s about me! I will have a long journey for getting on my feet, but I’ve never felt so in shape since a couple of years. I need to kick my ass, be more reasonable when it comes to food, and pushes myself to do more exercises (I hate the gym so much, but with the badminton, it’s the only thing that makes me move).

Are you living an healthy life? If it’s the case, what motivates you? If not, what are you waiting? You should do like me, and unleash the beast inside of you, because at the end, we have no excuses!

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